Djembe Group Sessions

Group Drumming


Drumming is known to…

  • Reduce Stress as drumming is physical, fun, repetitive,
    meditative and allows each participant to express themselves and release pent-up emotions
  • Connect Participants More Deeply to the Self, others
    in the group and our pulsing universe through
    entrainment (synchronization)
  • Boost the Immune System – researchers found that
    group drummers had higher levels of immune boosters
    in their blood than people who simply listened
  • Be a Grounding Force that awakens us to the present

Barbara is excited to share her holistic approach to drumming with you that encompasses all of the above and more!

You will learn…
Helpful Drumming Techniques
Timing and Coordination
To Solo and Improvise
Traditional and Original Rhythms
Meditative and Healing Aspects of Drumming
Performance Skills

Djembe Group Sessions consist of weekly or bi-monthly meetings that take place in Marin County, CA, throughout the year. Check the calendar. Since group drumming is a team activity, each member’s consistent attendance is important for the growth of the individual and of the group. Students have reported a great feeling of accomplishment when they make the commitment to practice and attend group meetings and/or private lessons regularly. See Practice Tips.

Students will need a djembe. Some are available to rent on a first come, first served basis ($60/month). If you’d like to purchase a beautifully crafted lightweight djembe, check out the Barbara Borden Signature Series. Barbara can also help you evaluate your own djembe or another that you might want to purchase.

Check the calendar for other kinds of group sessions and events.

“Barbara is an amazing drummer and teacher. In her class I learned to leave behind the self-judgment and reach down to a deeper place of authentic connection and self expression. The activity of drumming acted as a vehicle for me to open myself up to the present moment – setting aside fear and judgment – to be free enough to experience the joy, exhilaration, and peace of the rhythm and the beat”.
~ Jan Svoboda

“Group lessons with Barbara incorporate many aspects of learning. We get to improvise and jam. We learn and practice African rhythms. Barbara facilitates easy learning by breaking each rhythm down note by note. This makes it easy to learn and practice. Barbara always has creative and innovative ways of making the lessons informative, expressive, instructional and fun.”
~ Louis Rosenbaum