logo_gretschGretsch Drums
Since 1883, when 27-year-old Friedrich Gretsch founded his little shop in Brooklyn, N.Y., making banjos, drums and tambourines, The Gretsch Company has grown to produce some of the world’s greatest drums and guitars over the span of four generations.


logo_zildjianZildjian Cymbals
The Zildjian Company is a family oriented, drummer and percussionist driven company solely dedicated to crafting the finest percussion instruments on the planet.


logo_vic_firthVic Firth Sticks
Vic Firth, is committed to upholding the values that have made them the #1 stick and mallet company in the world. And we are so proud of what they do, that they are ready to show you exactly why their sticks are the best!


logo_drumskullDrumskull Drums
(Djembe, Djun Djun, Other African Drums)
DrumSkull Drums is the world’s leading percussion shop rooted in the music of West Africa. For over a decade we have offered professional instruments of uncompromised quality.


logo_bananasBananas At Large
(Musical Instruments, Electronics)
Since 1974 Bananas at Large has specialized in equipment that is used in the production of music, audio and video. We’ve been called the store “where the pros buy from the pros.”


Web Design – PlanetLink

Sally Burr – Some Performance & Workshop Photos

Keith Moreau – Home Page Intro Video

Irene Young – Studio and Some Performance Photos


Anna Halprin – Dancer, Teacher

Deena Metzger – Writer & Healer

Naomi Newman – Actor, Director, Playwright

Nina Wise – Performance Artist

Angeles Arrien – Cultural Anthropologist, Author, Educator


Jennifer Berezan – Vocals, Guitar

Carolyn Brandy – Congas & Percussion

Pamela Poland – Vocalist

Tom Finch – Guitar

Rob Fordyce – Bass

Terry Garthwaite – Vocals, Guitar, Djembe

Sheilah Glover – Vocals

John Hoy – Guitar

Frank Martin – Keyboards

June Millington – Vocals, Guitar

Rhiannon – Vocals

Linda Tillery – Vocals

Julie Wolf – Keyboards

NGW (Nicholas, Glover & Wray) – Cabaret


Jeannie Deva – Vocal Coach

Tom Finch – Guitar & More

Rob Fordyce – Bass & Bands

Sheilah Glover – Vocal Coach

Pamela Poland – Vocal Coach

Rhiannon – Vocal Workshops

Institute for the Musical Arts – June Millington, Art. Dir. – Ann Hackler, Exec. Dir.
(rock camps for girls & more)

Women Drummers International – Carolyn Brandy, President
(Born to Drum Women’s Drum Camp)


David L. Brown – Filmmaker (Keeper of the Beat)

Keith Moreau – Filmmaker

John Hoy – Full Service Musician, Audio Producer

Peter Ivory – Videographer, Filmaker

Frank Martin – Full Service Musician, Audio Producer, Composer